192.168.l.254 Default Routers Admin Login Username Password

In this article, we are going to discuss on how to access IP Address Admin Password? IP Address is one of the private IP Address that simply means it will suit a certain range that is booked from the IANA as a private range. Usually, when we buy a brand new router or it may be brand new modem they are provided with the username and password as well. The main purpose of the user ID and password is to avoid the unwanted connections.

In most of the conditions, we can see that we often forgot our username or password in that moment we completely ran out of ideas on how to find a solution. What must you do solve the problems when you do not know how to Access IP Address Password? As you have visited the right page I will educate you on how to deal with this kind of solution. As I have come up with the solutions for you keep on reading this article till the end. IP Address: Everything you need to know!!!

192-168-1-254-ip-address-admin-password IP Address codes are the private one IP address which can only be used for the IPv4 address and it not working for the IPv6. IP Address is set to default factory settings for a number of routers, modem cable and also in the wireless modems. Using the provided IP address you will be able to access into your routers but most of the time due to few reasons you will not be able to access it. You can find routers that are compatible with the IP address such as the and also and you will find the difference only in its last 2 digits of number. IP Address most of the time are being used in the brand new routers like the Linksys switches, 2wire routers, Thompson ADSL routers, TP-Link routers, Alcatel ADSL Modems, 3Com routers, Westell ADSL Modems, ADSL billions routers and SRW2023, etc.

How to Access IP Address Login Password?

If you buy a brand new router or brand new modem along with it you will be given a default login username and password as well. In case, the password or the username has been changed you will have to reset you brand new router or brand new modem as the default factory settings. In doing the process you will lose all of previous router or modem settings.

  • At first, you have to turn off your router.
  • Press the reset button by holding it for a while at least 5-10 seconds on the rear panel for performing it you will need a pointed stick or a compass or any kind of material for turning on your router.
  • After that wait for a moment until your router or modem gets rebooted.
  • Connect your computer to the router or modem using a cable connector for getting the Wi-Fi connection.

How to change the IP Address of your Router?

Are you having so much trouble in replacing your username and password with the new one?  Well, you don’t have to what you need to do is just change the IP Address of your modem or router. As I have mentioned above that IP Address codes are the private one and those can be applied only in the IPv4 Address.


If you want you can change the entire IP Address you will need to check out and follow the instructions mentioned in the router or modem. Most of the time the router or modem comes up with the login to web control panel options just you will need to type the IP Address on your PC browser. Now go to the LAN settings for changing the IP Address which is necessary and also you will need to go to the DHCP settings and enter the latest IP Address that will set as your new IP Address.

Final Words:

Make sure that the router or modem is turned on before getting restarted completely. Try to use your default IP address by entering your username and password as admin. Take care of the IP address of your computer inside the same subnet in your router or modem device. This simply means that the subnet mask will be and for the default gateway setting must be the same IP Address of your router or modem.

I hope you find this article on How to Access IP Address Admin Password helpful for you. Now you will able to solve the problem that you have faced with the IP address username and password. Please leave your comment below in the box.

5 Annoying Router Connection Problems – How to Fix Them !!

Normally, people experience many problems associated with the functioning of the router in a small office or a home network. There will either be errors in the configuration or malfunctioning of the router. Though it seems to be a tough task to diagnose, fixing router issues is not too tough and can be easily configured.

How to Fix Most Common Router Problems:


Here are the some useful tips for fixing common router problems.  

Problem #1:

No internet connection or lack of connection to the internet through Wi-Fi.

Solution: Use a network cable to connect to the device. If you are able to connect, it might not be a problem due to improper Wi-Fi configuration, but may be because of Wi-Fi transmission. So, try to restart the modem and the device. In case you fail to fix the problem, verify the transmission limits of the device like frequency, DHCP, power transmission networks etc. Also, check your device’s Wi-Fi network settings to ensure it is configured properly.

Problem #2:

Sometimes Internet doesn’t work or Wi-Fi is slow.

Solution: Check the problems within the router device. The performance of Wi-Fi depends on the distance between your PC and your router. Most of the routers have inadequate range and few materials used for construction severely worsen Wi-Fi signal.


Problem #3:

No internet connection on the PC connected to the router via cable network.

Solution: See if the lights are blinking on the respective network port where the computer is plugged. If not, it might be a problem related to router port or network cable. Try to switch the network cable. If the network cable seems to be working fine, access through your router management software with or http: // addresses and try if you can access it. In case you cannot, switch the physical port as there are probabilities of ports getting damaged and you may have to change the port.

Problem #4:

Router does not allot an IP address to the computer.

Solution: Check the variety of DHCP assignments of the router and also verify its rank of operation where the list of IP is allotted within your setup. Confirm that those are free IP addresses within a pre-set range. In case it is not, enlarge the range and start your router again; the problem will be solved.

Problem #5:

Keeping your router safe and secured is a difficult task. Though your router connection is secured, the password cracking is very easy and your router can be used by hackers.

Solution: The apt solution to evade such a problem is to alter the default password. Also, frequently check out the screens that are usually labelled as ‘attached device’ and show who is connected and from which IP address.


Being in access with wireless broadband has become a necessity in our daily life today. It can be a network in home, an office, small business or a large venture. The market is flourishing with innovative routers in unique designs and supreme functions. But still, they come with certain problems and therefore it is necessary to know how to fix the common issues. Hopefully, this article must have given you few tips to solve those problems.